inspOZRation is a simple location, monster and NPC generator for Oz Browning's OZR(though you could apply it to most fantasy systems by converting the Traits into Hit Die/similar). It was made as part of OZR Jam, using Perchance.

  • Location are chosen from a pool of seven types, which are themselves combinations of three broader environment types: Wild, Dungeon and Town.
  • Each location comes with six encounters, a mixture of features, monsters and NPCs.
  • Each encounter has some kind of reward, and some (though not all) encounters are tied to the rewards of other encounters.
  • Press the button on the bottom to generate a new setting.

Will definitely be doing some pruning in places and some expansion in others, but in the meantime drop me a line if you enjoy!

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AuthorThomas Martin
TagsGenerator, OSR, Tabletop role-playing game

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