A relaxing puzzler about making DNA coils out of little cells! Part Minesweeper, part Concentration, all chill.

  • Click on a cell to unlock its protein. Clicking another cell 'pairs' those proteins and adds them to the DNA coil.
  • The blobs in each cell tell you which proteins its adjacent cells contain (two red blobs and one yellow mean two adjacent cells contain red proteins and one contains a yellow).
  • Correctly colour-matching proteins give different scoring effects (add, multiply, increase by percentage), and incorrectly colour-matched proteins have adverse effects (subtract, divide, decrease by percentage).
  • The more protein pairs of the same colour you match in one coil, the higher your 'base score' will be - three red pairs will make for a base score of 3, so +300 instead of +100 or +30% instead of +10%!
  • Pair eight proteins in a row to 'complete' the coil and bank your points.
  • Incorrectly match three pairs and you'll lose a life and start the coil again. Lose three lives and the game ends.

Tom Martin - Programming 

Jacky Cheong - Programming

Shiqian Zhang - Art/Animation

Valery Voronkova - Art 

Tom Bradshaw - Audio


Unwind Original Jam Version (GGJ22) 54 MB

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